Fake Turf With Real Health Benefits For You

synthetic turf

Is it safe?” “How will it affect my health?

These are perfectly reasonable questions to pose at every turn, because, after all, there isn’t much that is more important than your health. Health is wealth and you have to safeguard yours.

Artificial grass is one of the most versatile products in the market today. It’s in homes, commercial establishments, sports arenas and fields, industrial areas and every new day, there is a new use for artificial grass, it would seem. That said, there has been an on-going debate on the safety of synthetic grass and how it may affect your health.

Is it safe? Yes. How will it affect your health? Only to safeguard and even make it better. Here is a look at three reasons why artificial grass is safe for your health and why you should make the switch from natural turf to synthetic turf.

No Pollen, No Hay Fever

lawn chemicalsHay fever is a harsh reality for a significant percentage of the population. Allergy to grass and grass pollen often manifests in symptom such as itchy eyes, runny noses, skin rashes and in severe cases, asthma and even life-threatening anaphylaxis.

The best way to avoid the distressing symptoms is to avoid contact with natural grass and the pollen it produces.  Artificial grass does not produce pollen, and you can say goodbye to the hay fever symptoms.


Hay fever is, in itself an allergy, but beyond the grass allergy, synthetic turf is actually very safe for both humans and pets as it is made of quality, allergen-free and non-toxic  material. You won’t have to worry about coming into contact with chemicals and other potential allergens. Synthetic grass product developers and manufacturers across the globe have invested heavily to ensure that the different grass varieties in the market are safe for humans and pets alike

Lawn Care That IS Friendly to Your Health – Synthetic Turf

synthetic grass sample photoUnlike natural grass, you will not need to worry about using fertilizers, pesticides and other lawn care chemicals on your synthetic grass. Some of these chemicals may pose a danger to the health of your family and pets. You may breathe in the toxins or absorb them through direct contact with the natural grass on which these chemicals have been used. Synthetic grass requires no such chemical input and you can rest easy about possible poisoning from these toxins.

Additionally, synthetic grass does not require mowing, which is not only strenuous, especially for a larger stretch of yard, but most mowers are fuel-powered and you may end up inhaling the exhaust fumes from the mower. The effects may take a long time to manifest, but they can be a real threat to your health.

Artificial grass comes with many benefits which make it inherently friendly for not only your pockets and the environment, but most importantly, your health.  No question about it, synthetic turf is safe for you, the kids and your pets. You can confidently use it for so many different applications without ever worrying about putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk.


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