DIY Beauty Hacks for Women

Every woman wants to look good from makeup to hair. Every woman must know some shortcuts to look good every day. The beauty hacks help to look good all day everything in the cheapest ways. The best effective and inexpensive will save your time as well and help you look beautiful. Try out these hacks and get a look that you want to have in few minutes.

  • Use of white eyeshade will make your eyes stand out. All you have to do is just apply the white eye shadow on your lid and further add colors of your choice that you want to put. The other color eye shadow will not rub off easily if you first apply white shadow.


  • Use your mascara as an eyeliner. If you are getting late and forgot your eyeliner you can use your mascara as an eyeliner. Just follow a simple technique rub the brush of your eyeliner onto the mascara brush and then apply it on your eyelids.


  • If you are dealing with the problem that the Lipstick rubs off by the end of the day and doesn’t last long. If it doesn’t look the same as it should be or when you applied then do a simple trick. After applying the lipstick of your own choice, tightly place a tissue paper on to the lips and dust a small amount of translucent powder on the tissue. In this way, the lipstick lasts longer and makes you look decent.


  • Make your eyelashes look longer just by the use of baby powder. Use a cotton swab dip it into the baby powder; apply your first coat of mascara. Now run the cotton swab cross your eyelashes after applying the first coat of mascara. Now apply the 2nd coat of mascara and you will see the visible results. Your lashes tend to look longer than before.


  • For a French manicure, you can use a rubber band. Use a rubber band for the sections. Apply the nails with the nail polish of your own choice.


  • Hold a spoon at the corner of the eye draw the outline. When you finished with the tracing of eyeliner full it with the eyeliner. This is the way to get a perfect winged eyeliner look.

These were few beauty hacks that will make you look beautiful every day.